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Steel Beams at Scarboro Steel Works

January 15, 2018

Perhaps one of the most important materials used in modern construction, steel has become the backbone and skeleton of modern life. Steel is particularly important in manufacturing and construction, in materials and key components like load bearing and frame-work steel beams. These can be used in commercial and residential construction alike and make modern sky-lines like New York or Toronto’s possible.

Steel beams provide the stability as well as the structure for any type of building which would meet modern safety and efficiency standards.


We understand the importance of quality, durability and stability - not only in steel beams but any product made at Scarboro Steel Works. In a highly competitive and reputable industry, we strive to produce steel and steel products that meet all regulations and requirements for safe construction.  Steel beams are a key component of any installation or construction, whether it is industrial or residential.

Steel beams from Scarboro Steel Works provide and rely on:

  1. Quality. Scarboro Steel Works employs the best quality steel for its steel beams. This means that from the basic materials to molding/casting process is above the industry standard. This attention to quality ensures any project or construction can count on stable, reliable and strong steel beams.
  2. Experience. Scarboro Steel Works has extensive experience in custom steel fabrication. Alongside this experience and accumulated knowledge, we also have wide network of trusted and reputable distributors and manufacturers.
  3. Expertise. Scarboro Steel Works employs technicians and staff that have been well trained and have extensive experience in the industry.

With Scarboro Steel Works, you can rest assured that your project will use the best available materials in the market. Quality assurance is at the core of our work, offering products like steel beams which are tested for strength, integrity, density and application. Learn more about our services, products and current partners – call or visit today.