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Steel Stairs - Best Returns from Your Investment

March 16, 2017

Steel is a material that is widely considered by product designers because of its properties that include strength, toughness, and durability. When you have steel stairs, you are assured that it will withstand the test of time. Investing in a steel staircase is one of your best decisions when you are constructing a new building.

The fabrication process of steel stairs

Steel products can be found everywhere from the kitchen sinks to the stairways at your emergency exit. Steel is the typical material used for the fire escape that is mounted outside a building because with the proper coating, it becomes resistant to corrosion. A fire escape includes a platform to which steel stairs are connected. It is common for the platform and stairs to be in the form of open steel gratings to prevent the buildup of snow, ice, and dry leaves. The stairs of the fire escape are intended for an emergency exit and are rarely used which means the standard of stairs in the interior of the building do not apply to them. Fabrication of the steel stairs used to connect each floor is much more complex because the fabricators need to ensure aesthetics aside from durability and strength. Yes indeed, steel is versatile enough to be designed in a wide range of ways so that it can successfully blend with the beauty of the interior. In addition, a steel frame can be matched and combined with wooden treads to produce a highly becoming staircase for a sophisticated building interior.

The fabrication of steel stairs undergoes the processes of cutting, welding, and assembly to form a complete frame. Although a wide range of shapes and designs can be created through steel fabrication, fabricators make sure that the specification provided by the customer is followed as closely as possible. Most modern steel fabricators use computer aided design (CAD) for accuracy and high quality. Steel stairs have to meet high quality standards and they have to comply with existing codes. Protective coating has been developed over the years to provide corrosion resistance as well as enhance aesthetics.

Why steel makes the best stairs

Steel is widely utilized in the construction industry because it is an incredibly robust material. When steel is used for stairs, you are guaranteed a high quality material that will last for a long period of time. Unlike wood, steel is not susceptible to molds and wood rot. While steel can be weakened by corrosion, protective coating will ensure its durability. Since steel is malleable, it can be designed into straight stairs, spiral stairs, curved stairs or the L-shaped stairs. Steel stairs can also be customized to meet your design specifications. A steel staircase is relatively easy to install. Fabricators will usually deliver the finished product and handle the installation when necessary. It can also be assembled from fabricated parts and components right on site to ensure its safety. The cost of a steel staircase is also reasonable and you gain the best returns from your investment.