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Steel Stairs - Effective Option for Function and Aesthetics

September 16, 2016

Steel offers substantial flexibility in design and steel stairs are widely used in industrial and commercial structures as well as elegant homes. In selecting the design of your steel stairs, it is important to consider the overall design features of the building such as aesthetics, durability, and function.

There are many different designs to choose from when looking for the perfect set of steel stairs for your home or building. Steel stairs can make quite a statement. Here are some timeless steel stair designs to get you started:

  • Straight design is a straight flight of stairs that has no turn. The space underneath the steel stairs can be used for other purposes or it can be an additional feature of a room. The specific dimensions of most steel stair components, including spaces, are governed by code. During steel stair fabrication, the overall design is often a product of coordination between the building owner and the architect. The design of straight stairs is minimalist chic, with many options available to reflect personalized taste. Straight steel stairs can have open sides or be framed by matching steel railings; they can be installed in an airy “floating style” or can be placed against a wall. Opportunity for customization is ripe.
  • Spiral design is a good option when space is limited. Steel stairs can be made in a spiral shape with a matching steel railing. During fabrication, open treads are tightly attached to the support poles to ensure the safety and sturdiness of the staircase. The spiral design can also be personalized so that it will match with the theme of the interiors. Spiral steel stairs are advantageous because they offer a timeless and classic look.
  • Curved design offers more than functionality; curved steel stairs become the focal point of the interiors. It is usually the first thing that visitors see when they enter. Custom steel stairs made in a curved design make a statement by adding aesthetics and a sleek visual to any room. For a more sophisticated and extravagant look, custom steel railings can enhance the overall appearance. 

When remodeling, homeowners can infuse their home with new creativity by having a new staircase installed. A fresh set of stairs gives your home a new look and increases property value.