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Steel Stairs Give You The Freedom To Express Your Creativity

August 02, 2018

Steel stairs are a favourite of designers. The strength of steel, especially high strength steel, means that designers have a great deal of leeway when it comes to design, without having to encumber it with messy support structures and bracing beams.


Steel stairs’ design is limited not by the material but by the imagination and creativity that one is willing to invest in them.


Steel brings its own functional benefits too. Extremely hard wearing, it is just as suitable for a commercial environment as it as a residential environment. It does not pose a fire risk (though that depends also on the paint and coats applied thereupon) and does not corrode easily. It requires little to no maintenance for years on end. Steel stairs can withstand heavy footfall, all types of footwear and survive comfortably in all types of environments.


In this piece we look at some interesting steel stair designs that lend aesthetic flair without compromising space.


Thin steel – Steel stairs don’t have to be fat rectangular boxes at all. Thin steel planks are a great statement to make. They can lend a sleek minimalist aesthetic to the space.


Spiral – The spiral staircase is a classically great culmination of maximum space optimization and interesting design. A bland spiral staircase is a bit of a missed opportunity. Banister design can nowadays be so flamboyantly done. In fact, it is one area that designers focus on. From intricate patterns to LED lighting, spiral staircases can really be made to stand out.


Multiple materials – Steel stairs are not confined to just being made out of steel. Whereas the frame of the staircase can be made out of steel – for maximum strength and minimum material use – the stairs themselves can be fashioned out of different wood finishes and even glass. In fact, staircase design has incorporated quite divergent materials into steel stairs to add some visual flair.