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Steel Stairs: Perfect for Industrial and Commercial Spaces

June 08, 2023

Stairs are an inextricable aspect of buildings, especially industrial and commercial spaces. There is a constant movement of people, raw materials, tools, equipment, and final products in an industrial and commercial space. Since the stairs in industrial and commercial spaces are usually high-traffic areas, safety and functionality are essential factors to consider during the construction of stairs. Apart from concrete and wood, structural steel is one of the most preferred materials used for the construction of stairs worldwide. In this blog, we list significant reasons why steel stairs are the perfect solution when it comes to industrial and commercial spaces.

The Benefits of Steel Stairs For Industrial and Commercial Spaces


  • The transportation of machinery, tools, and kilos of raw materials and products is all pretty common in an industrial or commercial space. This is exactly why the stairs in such spaces need to be strong and durable. Structural steel is one of the strongest materials used in the construction industry. Since structural steel is extensively used for the construction of sprawling bridges and magnificent skyscrapers, it can also be, without a hint of doubt, used for the construction of steel staircases for industrial and commercial spaces.​​


  • Let’s be honest. Maintenance and repairs are two daunting tasks that can take crucial time away from business owners. Any time spent on maintenance and repairs is spent not earning profits because as far as industrial businesses are concerned, time is money. By getting structural steel stairs for your industrial and commercial space, you can rule out the need for extensive maintenance or repairs. Structural steel requires minimal maintenance and can last many years without needing major repairs.


  • Versatility in design is another significant benefit that structural steel stairs offer. Sometimes, conventional stairs might restrict the free movement of people and goods in a commercial or industrial space. When you work with a structural steel fabricator, they can help you build steel staircases even in tight spaces without compromising on aesthetics and utility.


Steel stairs are the perfect solution for industrial and commercial spaces. With their durability, flexibility in design, ease of maintenance and installation, they offer a great return on investment. Look no further than Scarboro Steel Works Limited if you are looking to get steel stairs installed at your home, office, warehouse, commercial or industrial space. We have decades of experience in custom steel fabrication and can design stairs that complement the aesthetics of your space. Our team of fabricators is experienced, skilled, and professional. Get in touch with us today for all your structural steel fabrication needs.