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Steel Stairs: Why They’re Better than the Rest

June 04, 2021

Steel stairs are your best choice if you're looking to upgrade your aging stairs without breaking the bank. Steel is a highly durable yet malleable material, allowing designers and property owners to choose the perfect steel stairs for their property.


When you opt for steel stairs, you gain the following benefits:


Durability and Stability

Steel is used in all kinds of construction projects because of the material’s immense ability to last for decades. Structural steel is essential in virtually every building project, especially for skyscrapers. Plus, they serve as excellent architectural cladding because of their low-maintenance, highly durable properties. As stairs, you can leave them alone, and they'll last for decades.


Limitless Aesthetics

Wood and stone have their respective staircase aesthetics and many associate both materials with homeliness and warmth. However, while steel might look colder and more modern, it can still introduce excellent aesthetics because of its malleability and wide variety of colours, patterns, and other looks.


Extremely Low Maintenance

Whether you're building indoor or outdoor steel stairs, you won't need to call your maintenance team every year as you do with wood or stone stairs. Instead, top-notch steel fabricators, such as Scarboro Steel Works, make sure your stairs use the best steel that can hold its own against the elements outside.


Build It Anywhere

You have the option to build your steel stairs inside or outside your property. The best fabrication and assembly teams will excellently install them and ensure their safety and stability for your use. Steel is easily transportable and installed, and is a lot more hassle-free compared to other materials.


Additional Structural Support

Both indoor and outdoor steel stairs will be able to provide additional structural support. While all buildings don't need additional support, stairs made of steel can handle immense amounts of weight. Therefore, these stairs become an added pillar of strength.


Get the Best Fabricators for the Job

You can always count on Scarboro Steel Works to provide you with the best services. Contact us today to learn more about everything we can do for you.