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Structural Steel and its Benefits

September 29, 2016

A variety of eye-catching commercial and industrial establishments in Toronto are made out of structural steel. Ancient use of steel dates back to 1800 BC, and it still remains to be the most widely used construction material. Since it is commonly utilized in the construction of buildings, structural steel is considered a durable and timeless material. Structural steel is preferred by fabricators and architects alike when requiring a strong building foundation as well as structural support of the entire construct.

Due to structural steel’s dependability and durability, buildings and structures made of structural steel are finished on time and on budget. The primary reason being is that the steel is manufactured to a specific design and engineered to meet the exact requirements of a structure. It is ready to be erected once it has been shipped. This saves a considerable amount of time, especially in large construction projects. Because the material is already manufactured according to the requirement, work is considerably streamlined on the construction site. With structural steel, construction projects directly benefit from a reduction in both budget and time.  

There are also indirect benefits that structural steel offers to construction. Steel is one of the few construction materials that can be recycled, thus reducing the amount of materials that wind up in our landfills. One of the most important factors in using steel as a construction material is that it is highly durable, not requiring as much extensive maintenance when compared to materials like wood. When it comes to long term use, steel generally requires less maintenance, replacement, or repair. This makes steel a very economic option when it comes to construction. Since structural steel can be rather heavy to transport, it is best to have it fabricated in a local fabrication shop to further save on costs.