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Structural Steel Beams From Scarboro Steel Works

November 23, 2023
Structural steel beams from Scarboro Steel Works Limited

Steel is arguably the most sought-after construction material. Steel’s quality plays a crucial role in determining the longevity of any structure. Imagine an engineer trying to build a skyscraper with inferior steel. It will lead to loss of time, money, and lives. We at Scarboro Steel Works Limited understand the importance of high-quality steel. This is why we only supply industrial-grade structural steel to clients across Ontario. Our structural steel beams are strong and durable.  We supply a wide range of steel beams to clients depending on their requirements. We discuss in this blog some common structural steel beam types we supply to clients across Ontario.


Structural Steel Beams Supplied by Scarboro Steel Works 

Here Are The Common Steel Beams We Supply

Wide Flange Beams
These beams are known for their strength and versatility. The strength and versatility make wide flange beams perfect for building construction. The stability and support wide flange beams offer are unmatched. They are used for the construction of bridges, buildings, and other large structures.

Steel HSS
Scarboro Steel Works is a leading supplier of steel HSS. What exactly is it? HSS stands for Hollow Structural Sections. Steel hollow structural sections offer an excellent weight-to-strength ratio. Engineers use steel HSS for applications where weight savings and durability are important factors. 

Steel Deck
Steel decks are used as a stable base for construction projects. They are essential for all types of construction projects as building anything requires a strong base. Steel decks add strength and rigidity to structures, allowing architects to be innovative and creative.

Steel plates
Steel plates are widely used in various industries including manufacturing, construction, transportation, and agriculture. They provide strength and durability in heavy-duty applications such as machinery components or support structures.

Scarboro Steel Works Limited supplies all types of structural steel beams. You can rely on us for quick and dependable delivery of steel beams. We also offer custom steel fabrication services to our clients across Ontario. Our expert fabricators do a great job of designing and installing custom steel stairs. Call us today to learn about all we can do for you.