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Structural Steel Beams in Blueprints

October 14, 2016

A blueprint of a building showcases all the critical components of the structure with reference to the location and number of structural steel beams used on it. What this means is that there is a clear isometric representation of your concept where all the details of the project are brought to life. A useful blueprint should, for instance, have all the structural steel beams properly calibrated and labelled on the diagram so as to ensure that the diagram represents every detail as it should be on the end product.

Engineering diagrams and architectural plans have one thing in common: the use of symbolized representation of the structures. In order to ensure that you effectively understand your blueprint, it is of paramount importance to study it against the footnotes for the symbols. They help you understand the specifications of the various components such as the steel beams used on the blueprint as well as their appropriate dimensions. For example, having structural steel beams indicated on the blueprint should trigger questions about the flange thickness, widths, as well as beam depth and web thickness used on the beams.

Since structural steel beams reinforce the structural outfit of a building, there is need to have them included both in the blueprint and the physical structure. This is essential in ensuring that it defines the structure on the as-it-is basis without limiting engineering expertise from being applied to the finest details. Therefore, it is important to have the structural steel beams indicated on the blueprint as a way of measuring the functional strength of the structure as well as its ability to handle a given load capacity.

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