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Structural Steel Beams: Quality and Precision

May 09, 2018

To bring out the genius of your engineering expertise and the refinement of tech expertise, you need to have the right structural steel beams in any building project. This allows you to effectively plan your project without limiting yourself to operational inefficiencies.


Scarboro Steel aims to offer the highest quality steel to Canadian construction and assembly by offering a full range of fabricated and pre-fabricated structural steel beams and products.


Founded over six decades ago, our company is widely trusted as a quality steel retailer. Our facility and machinery are modern and up to date to ensure the quality, strength and specification to meets industrial requirements. Our team works carefully to ensure that only the best steel is delivered to specification and in good time.


Located in the heart of GTA, Scarboro Steel Works not only specializes in steel handling, but we offer a complete line of steel structures and expertise. Whether looking for engineering or the architectural grade steel products, we remain a committed partner to quality, stability and strength. We are proud to offer structural steel beams of all types, aimed at ensuring safety and stability in construction and assembly.


From understanding engineering skill to practical delivery of premium quality in our wares, we have proved our efficiency and reliability. To ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations, our specialists are always available to plan and help organize your project’s steel fabrication. By paying special attention to every detail of your project specifications, we ensure that the engineering process meets perfection at every stage.


Besides undertaking advanced structural steel fabrication, we also offer installation and steel welding. As one of the most important parts of assembly and construction throughout North America, structural steel beams must meet the highest standards of quality and safety.


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