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Structural Steel’s Role in Eco-Conscious Construction

July 23, 2018

Is structural steel fabrication an environmentally friendly process? The answer may surprise you. According to recent studies in the sustainability of steel-framed multi-storey buildings for commercial and residential use, structural steel fabrication offers many green advantages. From performance to logistics, working with a local steel fabricator is an indispensable measure to achieving sustainable construction.

When it comes to sustainable design, structural steel fabrication is on the forefront of the green revolution.

Concerns about climate change has sparked a shift in how we think about urban construction. This much talked-about topic is gaining ground both on the evening news and around the watercooler. How do we continue to move forwards as a technologically-leaning society while curbing our impact on mother nature? No one wants to stem the steady march of progress. The answer is a level-headed approach to building design, architectural planning, and materials sourcing. As any engineer will tell you, responsible design is the first step of sustainable construction.

Why is structural steel the go-to material for modern, large-scale construction projects?  

  • Low impact. Structural steel fabrication, as a process, is characterized by causing minimal damage to the environment. This is achieved through steel’s natural attributes, which need minimal processing. Unlike other building materials, structural steel requires nominal resource use during its fabrication.
  • Lean & mean. By eliminating waste wherever possible, our city’s construction industry thrives. Not only is this practice good for our planet, it makes sound sense for the wallet too. Being fiscally responsible often goes hand-in-hand with environmentally conscious practices. By focusing on waste reduction with the aid of CAD systems, structural steel fabricators are able to make precise cuts to specification.
  • Long lasting. Structural steel’s high strength-to-weight ratio makes it a major player in Toronto’s construction landscape. Modern trends in strong, adaptable, and sustainable materials have been provoking thought in lean architecture both in Ontario and across the globe. By investing in durable materials and partnering with leaders in structural steel fabrication, architects and engineers are making buildings that truly stand the test of time.