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Structural Steel Variables

April 22, 2019

Structural steel is one of the most commonly used materials in constructing commercial and industrial structures. Like any other building material, there are numerous variables to consider. Here’s an overview of all the variables that are taken into consideration when steel is the chosen material.



Structural steel is very strong, possessing a high strength to weight ratio. Despite concrete being just as powerful, it requires steel reinforcement in order to compensate for its lack of tensile strength. Since this version of steel is also quite flexible, it allows engineers more freedom when designing certain structures. This flexible steel variant is capable of bending and contorting without compromising strength and durability.



Easily the most enticing aspect of steel is their affordable cost. In comparison to other alternatives, steel is much cheaper. Despite steel being susceptible to a fluctuating market, it still remains a less expensive alternative in comparison to other materials such as concrete. In many cases, engineers will choose steel since the price is often times the controlling element in the decision-making process.



Steel might have many advantages, but it’s not infallible. It’s important to remember that steel can be susceptible to heat or corrosion, depending on its environment. To help alleviate this problem, there are various processes to make steel resistant to both water and fire. Proper insulation and protection seals are notable examples which are used to protect steel from any potential hazards.


Environmentally Friendly

This steel variant is considered to be environmentally friendly since it can be recycled with minimal processing. Moreover, steel has a long lifespan and will not compromise its structural integrity, further proving its efficiency.


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