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The ABCs of Structural Steel Beams

March 23, 2018

If you are an engineer or a building owner who wants to install new sections in your home or commercial venue, you should keep in mind that structural steel beams are very important and must be carefully evaluated to ensure the safety and integrity of the building.

The steel beams that are used for any structural construction, therefore, should only be sourced from reputable manufacturers who offer the highest quality in structural steel beams and other steel products.

Here’s what you need to know when investing into construction and steel beams:

•    Structural steel beams are more popularly known as H-beams or I-beams. You have definitely seen one of these during a construction of a building or house. This is because of the shape of their cross-sections. Beams are generally composed of two sections- the flange part and the web part. The horizontal or web part is the one that connects the two vertical portions or flanges.

•    Every structural beam has a fillet. The fillet is the curved angle that connects the flange and the web. You can see fillets in normal metal and wood furniture that you most likely have in your house.

•    Some beams with wider flanges are called W beams or universal beams.

•    The main purpose of structural steel beams is to provide support to any house or building. The flanges take most of the load from roofs, walls, and other supports. The web gives the material resistance to forces that may cause breaking or collapsing.

•    Size matters. You should determine the right size of the structural beams that can support the load. Get the appropriate beam depth, flange width, flange thickness and the web thickness that you need for your construction.


When using steel beams, you need experienced and skilled professionals who can design and install these structures safely. The beams are only as good as the design, assembly and construction. Count on trusted manufacturers like Scarboro Steel to provide high-quality steel beams. Contact us today to find out more or to request a quote!