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The Advantages of Steel Stairs from Scarboro Steel Works

November 15, 2017

Any company with welding equipment and steel beams can build a staircase of passable quality, but there’s a world of difference between passable and exceptional steel stairs. Scarboro Steel Works Inc. manufactures these staircases with skilled and experienced technicians using the best equipment for the job. We have been in business for over sixty-five years, and have designed and built staircases for schools, offices, hospitals, high-end homes, and many other facilities across the GTA.

Scarboro Steel Works’ Steel Stairs are ideal, because they are…

  • Strong - We utilize only the best structural steel materials for each unique project. The steel beams and strips used are, by themselves, very tough materials, but the design of each staircase must also be carefully thought out and formed in such a way as to lend as much strength as is possible to the final product.
  • Durable - The durability of our staircases can be sourced in our materials, and in the incredible care we take, for every project, to ensure that each finished product is of the highest quality possible. Our workers are diligent, experienced, and know how to fix any design issues that could compromise the durability of the end result. Steel stairs from Scarboro Steel last, and maintain their high quality for a very, very long time.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing - While some steel structures may seem garish and imposing, we are constantly striving to make sure our products are nice to look at, as well as functional. We are highly experienced when it comes to knowing how best to maximize the steel’s qualities in terms of functionality and design aesthetics.

The installation of steel stairs in any facility is an important one. The structure itself stands out and has to look nice, and depending on the popularity of the building, it must be able to support a significant weight. The entire process, from design to installation, is a specialty for the workers at Scarboro Steel Works, who would all be happy to help you with designs for your facility – call us today!