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The Advantages of Using Water-Cooled GMAW Gun in Structural Steel Fabrication

April 09, 2021

For decades, welding has been the most common method for structural steel fabrication.  However, with the introduction of new technology in the fabrication industry, there have been new techniques to manufacture structural steel.


Advantages of water-cooled GMAW gun in structural steel fabrication


Over the last few years, one major change in the welding method is that more and more steel fabricators are switching from air-cooled to water-cooled gas metal arc welding (GMAW) gun. When used in appropriate conditions, a water-cooled GMAW gun can help minimize downtime, reduce production costs, and improve productivity. The GMAW guns operate at higher amperes and duty cycles compared to their air-cooled counterparts. They can be operated for an extended time, making them perfectly suited for long arc welds.

Despite the promising features of GMAW, fabricators of structural steel in Toronto have to carefully analyze several factors to ensure that the move to adapt water-cooled GMAW would prove beneficial for them. While some of the important factors that they need to take into consideration are the duty cycle and amperage, they also need to look into the upfront cost, maintenance and replacement costs, the potential return on investment, and what applications they plan on using it. Moreover, determining the weld joint design and thickness of the material can help fabricators to make the right decision.

In air-cooled welding guns, the preheated plates can generate a significant amount of radiant heat that can affect how a welding gun cools. The same heat can also impact the life of the finished structural steel product. In this case, a water-cooled GMAW gun would be a better alternative to traditional welding methods. Overall, the three key indicators that signify the switch to a water-cooled GMAW gun include overheating of the gun, high duty cycle, and excessive consumption cost that are associated with the use of an air-cooled gun. In general, water-cooled GMAW guns are most effective when used in high-amperage applications ranging from 350-600 amp.

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