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The Benefits of I-Beams

February 04, 2021

Also known as a universal beam, the I-beam refers to the shape of choice for beams used in building construction. It is a popular type of structural steel product, known for its strength and versatility. The structure and design of the I-beam makes it uniquely capable of dealing with a variety of loads. In fact, they are widely used in forming columns and beams of various sizes, lengths, and dimensions.


If your next project requires the use of structural steel, then understanding this particular beam is a must.


The I-beam is made of two horizontal planes, called the flanges, connected by one vertical component, or the web, which creates the shape of the beam’s cross-section, either as an “I” or an “H”. Most of these beams are structural steel beams but some are also constructed using aluminum. They typically come in a wide variety of weights, section depths, flanges, and web thicknesses to serve different purposes. So, when you are specifying for I-beams, you have to classify them by their material and dimensions. This means you have to take into account many things.


One of the considerations to take into account is deflection, which means choosing a thickness that will reduce any chance of deformation of your structural steel product. Next is vibration, wherein specific stiffness and mass would be selected to avoid vibrations in the structure. Another factor is the bend that refers to the beam’s ability to withstand yield stress. Buckling is also important to consider when choosing flanges. Last is the tension, in which you have to select an I-beam that has a web thickness that will not buckle, fail, or ripple when subjected to tension.


I-beams have plenty of important uses as structural steel components in a construction projects. They are commonly used as critical support trusses for the major framework in buildings. Their great strength and durability ensures the integrity and stability of the structure they are supporting.


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