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The Benefits of Steel Stairs

July 26, 2018

A staircase is one of the most important parts of any building, whether it is a residential building or a commercial installation. Staircase design can employ many different methods and materials, but none as reliable or versatile as steel. Steel stairs offer a unique aesthetic appeal that can be elegant and modern while accentuating the building’s design.


What are the advantages of steel stairs for residential and commercial buildings?


  • Strength – As an alloy made up of iron and other metals, structural steel is commonly employed to increase structural integrity against natural calamities or heavy weight in constructions of building, bridges and more. Structural steel is much stronger and durable than other materials like concrete.


  • Durability – While concrete and wooden staircases can have a limited lifespan, structural steel stairs do not break, rot, corrode or lose stability. Steel stairs will maintain their shape, finish and dimensions through years of heavy use.


  • Versatility – Structural steel is malleable and highly versatile when it comes to style. This quality makes it customizable for any architectural style, shape or pattern. Steel stairs can be used to create traditional, spiral or customized designs.


  • Value – Steel stairs are a better investment than concrete, wood or other materials. Its durability and versatility allow builders to use less materials to accomplish more, requiring far less maintenance and repair over time.


At Scarboro Steel, we have produced quality steel stairs and custom fabrication projects for a range of industries since 1950. We have well established partnerships in the industry and take pride in the quality of materials and the work we can provide. We employ highly skilled technicians and rely on modern machinery to provide high quality results.


Learn more about steel stairs and how they can improve any project, residential or commercial. Contact Scarboro Steel today to speak with an expert!