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The Growing Popularity of the Steel Staircase

May 28, 2020

There’s no questioning the versatility steel fabrication has to offer. Used for a myriad of structural construction applications, it is also used to fabricate incredibly durable steel stairs meant to stand the test of time. It is for this reason that stairs fabricated from steel are commonly found in commercial and industrial settings, where they must be able to accommodate rough daily use. 

While strength and durability are one of the primary reasons why steel is the material of choice when building stairs, that doesn’t have to mean steel stairs have to compromise on aesthetics.


Steel staircases are slowly becoming more popular for use in residential spaces. Fabricators understand that steel offers superior structural properties. When working with a good designer, custom steel fabricators will be able to suit the needs of the design’s project specifications. This can include intricate elements that only serve a stylish or elegant purpose.  


Steel stairs can be made to suit different stair styles. Helical, spiral, quarter-turn, multiple landings, or a simple straight-down staircase are all possible when it comes to steel fabrication. Powder coating is also a great finishing option for enhancing resilience to wear and tear, or to simply meet the aesthetic of the interior.


With what stairs constructed from steel have to offer it’s plain to see why they have only grown in popularity over the past few years. Whether it’s for use in commercial, industrial, or residential spaces - stairs made from steel are capable of ensuring long-term strength, durability, and aesthetic interest. 


Are you looking for a steel fabricator for your stair design?


Scarboro Steel Works is a reputable name in the structural steel fabrication industry. We specialize in providing top-tier fabrication results of steel structures, stairs, and railings.  Our team of dedicated fabricators offer the knowledge and experience necessary to bring your stair design to life. 


Regardless of what your project design needs are, we are always looking to satisfy our client needs by ensuring a higher standard of excellence in product and customer service. For all your steel staircase fabrication needs, be sure to call Scarboro Steel Works today!