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The Growing Trend of Steel Stairs

June 21, 2018

New design trends and aesthetic preferences have shaped today’s décor culture when it comes to design and style. From home use to office use, the intricacies in design have quickly adapted into a more metal-oriented trend that offers a sleeker, modern look. Steel stairs crafted by the good people of Scarboro Steel Works are a prime example of this!

Steel stairs are becoming commonplace in both homes and offices due to the quality, durability, and ergonomic benefits they provide!

When it comes to the complex process of steel fabrications, our skilled workers at Scarboro Steel Works are capable of providing high quality, high-end steel stairs. The design capabilities are endless, whether it’s for a modern luxury home, a modern themed office or even an industrial application. Our designs can quickly bode into each theme. Below are a few of the many common traits and benefits of our custom steel stairs.

  • Finish Quality – With a well experienced team that covers a wide array of metal types, we are able to provide quality stainless steel stairs that fits with your specific vision, whether it be a machine finish for that industrial/modern look or a coated finish to suit your color preference.
  • Durability – With the inherent benefits of steel, our steel stairs offer excellent durability and can be enjoyed for years without suffering any structural failure based on the material or the fabrication itself.
  • Ergonomic Benefits – With the ability to 3D design and model a project and the near flexibility options of steel; we are able to provide unique steel stairs that suits your tastes and ideas. This adds an aesthetic boost to your facility or home!

Our quality steel stairs have been enjoyed by a wide variety of facilities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) from high-end homes, to schools and hospitals. The commercial sectors are also beneficiaries to our reliable and innovative custom steel stairs. At Scarboro Steel Works, we offer the best in custom steel stairs, so contact us today!