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The Importance of Steel Beams

September 05, 2018

The fabricated metal working industry has become one of the primary sources of growth in the economy. The metal fabricating industry includes all metal works, such as those involving steel beams. In fact, this industry is one of the giants in the manufacturing industry.


The nationwide demand for steel in Canada is at an all-time high, with the rapid growth of new buildings. Since this industry provides jobs to many steel company workers, it is best to find out why steel is the best choice for new structures being built and for the construction of homes and buildings, despite there being many different types of metals to choose from.


Why Choose Steel Beams?


The popularity and demand for structural steel beams is always increasing. This demonstrates that steel is the leader in home and commercial construction sites. Steel offers functionality like none other, here are the five reasons why steel beams are in demand:


  • Flexibility: Steel can be molded into many different sizes and shapes depending on the requirements and specifications of your home or building. Moreover, steel is very malleable so you can easily adjust its shape to whatever you need it to be.
  • High Worth: Choosing steel as the construction material for your building needs will definitely reduce future maintenance costs. This is because it is not difficult to maintain steel structures, unlike concrete and wood materials.
  • Short Construction Time: Wood and concrete may also take some time to finish, but steel is good because it is quick to construct. This will save you much time when constructing your new building. Saving time will also allow you to save money.
  • Safety: Steel is usually guaranteed to make the best quality beams and structures. All of our steel is manufactured under the best factory settings with accuracy and precision. As a result, this gives steel a high level of safety and customer reassurance.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Structural steel beams are completely recyclable and always meet standards for environmental safety. It is the best material to choose for its recyclable properties over concrete and lumber.


For all your structural steel beam needs, you need the assistance of experienced professionals in design, manufacturing, construction, and installation. If you want high-quality steel beams, then you should visit us at Scarboro Steel Works. With decades in the business, we can guarantee exceptional products and services, no job is too complex for us. Call or email us today to get started on your next project!