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The Multifaceted Processes Involved in Structural Steel Fabrication

April 14, 2020

Structural steel makes up the foundations and supports of many buildings, structures, fixtures, and sculptures. They may look plain, but each piece actually goes through an intense, multifaceted process, requiring professional structural steel fabricators who have special skills and expertise to pull off.


To complete a batch of steel components or beams, structural steel fabricators follow a number of steps, including the following:


Step 1. Creating the blueprint

During this first stage, the customer works with the fabricator on the specific requirements and specifications needed for the structural steel. Whether you need a stylish steel staircase component or a standard structural steel beam for your construction project, a custom fabricator can create a blueprint for it. You can verify the specifications afterward and see to it that it conforms to what you need. 

Step 2: Bringing the blueprints into fruition

Once the blueprint looks exactly as it should be, the fabricator can then convert it into shop drawings where every detail of your project is indicated, including cost and a timetable. Following the specifications on the drawings, the actual fabrication process begins. The steel pieces will be cut and drilled according to the blueprint using a variety of tools.


Step 3: Assembling the steel components 

When all the components of your steel product have been cut and formed, the fabricator will then assemble the pieces together. Proper component assembly is crucial to ensure that all steel pieces are connected correctly to meet your exact requirements.


Step 4: Customizing parts

If your project requires customized structural steel fabrication, this is when custom part machination will be done. Only after the customization has been done will the final assembly take place.

Step 5: Product finishing

Your fabricators will apply the necessary finishing you requested for your components, be it a powder coat or special paint. This is usually required if you need the product for industrial applications to comply with some regulations. 


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