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The Process of Structural Steel Fabrication

January 31, 2018

Structural steel fabrication is a quick and easy option to ensure stability and durability at any construction site.  This process involves the cutting, shaping and bending of steel according to any given design. While welding is not involved in this kind of process, the steel material is precut and then put together onsite by experienced technical personnel.


The process of structural steel fabrication utilizes heavy equipment and specialized machinery to achieve the designed product. From cutting to finishing, this is how it’s done:


1. Cutting. This step involves the shearing, sawing or cutting of high grade steel into the different pieces of the design. The tools used here are often torches, plasma cutters, water jets or other cutting tools.


2. Bending. This would be the hammering of the steel alloy into the specific shape as required by the design. This bending or shaping can be done manually or through the use of specialized equipment to achieve the desired results.


3. Assembly. Once all the parts are cut and bent, the pieces are put together like a large jigsaw puzzle.  Putting them together may involve welding the pieces together or the application of industrial grade adhesives. This ensures that the structural steel fabrication parts are well put together.


4. Finishing. After the project has been installed, finishing is done. This can be done by either painting or sandblasting the metal parts to achieve a sheen that is beautiful.


Structural steel fabrication starts off with a design mindset which needs to be executed by experts using high grade materials.

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