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The Skillset Required for Structural Steel Fabrication

January 11, 2019

Structural Steel has always played an integral role within the construction industry. Structural steel is more malleable, light-weight, and cost-friendly compared to other materials used in construction. The material is chosen due to its durability. It is for these reasons that structural steel is the material of choice for many construction projects.

However, structural steel would not be able to hold high-pressure loads on its own and requires proper fabrication processes and techniques. The design and fabrication processes used in manufacturing structural steel require a specialized skillset to ensure that the structural integrity of the project is not compromised. Refined design and welding techniques allow for the fabricated product to offer even more durability and strength.

Structural Steel design and fabrication allow for buildings to have more feasibly-made and safer foundations. Steel fabrication is an accessible way for welders to connect beams without losing strength at the welded beam joints. Structural steel fabrication also allows for the reinforcement of load systems in older buildings – working to significantly improve the durability and strength of the building. There are multiple applications of structural steel – but the ability to fabricate a well-crafted product remains integral.

The Required Skillset for Better Fabrication

Scarboro Steel Works offer the unique skillset required to ensure all our fabricated structural steel projects meet our higher standard of excellence. We offer top-of-the-line structural steel fabrication services include everything from:

  • Plate Work
  • Shearing and Breaking
  • Punching and Drilling
  • Grating
  • and Plasma cutting

We work with highly qualified designers to ensure a fabricated product that is to your design specifications. We are able to fabricate intricate and aesthetically-pleasing steel structure design and extravagant structural design that are capable of standing the test of time.

Whether it is home based railings to commercial frame structures to Industrial type ladders and braces, Scarboro Steel Works has you covered! We are experienced taking on any residential, commercial, or industrial fabrication project of varying scope and complexity.

Give us a call for all your structural steel fabrication needs!