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The Strong And Bright Future Of The Structural Steel Fabrication Industry

October 09, 2020
Whether you are a single person or a large entity benefiting from the products of structural steel fabrication, you’d be pleased to know that this industry is expected to grow rapidly in the next eight years or so. What drives its growth is the increasing number of manufacturing facilities and the continuous expansion of both the construction and automobile sectors. In addition, the rising demand for CNC machine tools and prefabricated buildings also play a big role in driving the growth within the industry.

Which sectors use steel fabrication?


When it comes to the type of service, the market for steel fabrication can be classified into a range of different categories. These include metal cutting, machining, welding, metal forming, shearing, metal punching, stamping, metal rolling and folding. Of all of these segments, the metal welding sector got the biggest share but it has been seen to be replaced by machining services. This is due to the ever-growing popularity of machining services and the technological advancements made in this sector which is projected to grow at a significant rate in the coming years. 


In terms of the end-users, the industry is classified into different segments, including construction, automotive, electronics, manufacturing, power utilities, energy, and more. As would be expected, the construction segment dominates the market. The structural steel fabrication sector is particularly driven by growing construction activities in developing countries. When it comes to being the most active end-users of structural steel fabrication services, the automotive and manufacturing sectors remain the major players and require these services most. This is because the majority of the products in these sectors rely heavily on the quality of the fabricated structural steel raw materials supplied by the industry.

Further improvements within the industry are being continually provided by both the service providers and consumers to be the best structural steel products possible!