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The Structural Steel Beams That Sit at the Core of Modern Architecture

January 27, 2020

Just as the human body has a skeleton, a similar train of thought can be applied to buildings. Yet, as opposed to calcium-enriched bones, buildings have structural steel beams made from the finest materials that are manufactured to the highest standards that steel fabricators can attain.


When all the information is distilled, it becomes readily apparent steel beams are the very foundation of modern architecture and real estate. In any project, you'll see developers implement some permutation of these five steel beams while setting ground foundations.



Commonly referenced amongst builders as wide-flange structural steel beams, real estate developers focused on home and condominium projects use them because of their efficient vertical and horizontal support that residential construction projects are prone to require. While useful as base support, it’s important to keep in mind that W-beams are not well-suited to handling twisting loads.



Similar in vein to W-beams, these structural steel beams serve as column support, which is important in any kind of property development. It is capable of bending instead of buckling under high stress, making them instrumental in preserving properties in earthquake-prone areas.



H-beams and I-beams are often mistaken for one another as they both have flanges; however, an H-beam's flange is wider and more supported than the sloping flanges I-beams have. This is necessary because H-beams have to take more axial forces wherein they must never bend (if so, they must do so minimally). It is the cornerstone of every structure's base foundation; I-beams can bend but never buckle, but H-beams will serve as unbendable columns.


Hollowed Structural Sections

Modern architecture with complex designs can be difficult to reign in and make technically sound. Nonetheless, hollowed structural sections (HSS) come in a host of shapes that alleviate much of these concerns. What better than an example to show how? Let’s take circular HSS – these allow architects to simplify the erection of tall cylindrical towers or serve as torsion support for bridges.


Structural Channels

These are the C-shaped beams commonly used in residential or commercial real-estate developments. Because they bend and twist easily from excessive loads, they are only used in supporting lighter loads where the thickness of other steel beams might cause load calculation problems.


Buildings That Stand The Test of Time Stand Hand in Hand With Steel Beam Fabricators

Structural steel beams are the very essence of any property, new or old. That’s why it’s essential you never entrust steel fabrication to just any manufacturer. Always source a manufacturer with the experience only time can provide, as well as a proven portfolio to provide for all your steel needs. If you have yet to find such a company, contact us at Scarboro Steel Works. With work dating back to the 1950s on some of Toronto’s most prolific structures, it only makes sense to contact us and work alongside the best!