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The Use of Structural Steel

December 17, 2020

Steel has been used as early as 1800 BC, and the use of this material as a building frame has continued until today. The durability of structural steel makes it the ideal building block when it comes to constructing everything from simple homes to the tallest skyscrapers.

This long history of the use of steel is well acknowledged by Scarboro Steel Works.

The company’s use of steel requires it to undertake several commitments, which are as follows:

  • Quality: Scarboro Steel Works only utilizes the best quality structural steel products. This quality assurance comes through partnerships with top notch steel manufacturers. Therefore, only the best quality steel is used in the projects the company undertakes with its clientele. This assures not only the credibility of the steel’s durability, but also the safety in use of the customized steel.
  • Expertise: Scarboro Steel Works has honed its experience in the use of structural steel products through the years with patient study and hard work. This level of expertise in how best to maximize the qualities of steel in its projects makes the company a leader in custom steel fabrication. This, coupled with the adept use of technologies, makes for top quality results for clients
  • Compliance: One of the often overlooked requirements for custom steel manufacturers are their compliance with existing rules and regulations.  The crucial requirement to comply with is current Ontario building codes. Scarboro Steel Works goes a step further and tests individual steel parts for strength and stiffness, ensuring a strong, durable and safe steel use from the company.

Scarboro Steel Works provides top notch custom steel fabrication services for its clientele. The high-quality product, expert level of service and years of experience in the industry make us an ideal partner for any construction project. Contact us today to find out more about our full services steel offerings!