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The Various Benefits of Custom Steel Stairs

December 17, 2018

Custom steel stairs have been used for decades in order to provide stylish yet structural staircases for buildings. These types of stairs are perfect for residential and commercial establishments. It serves as the integral support for the home or building. It also brings about stability and cleanliness as well as many other benefits.


When you require custom steel stairs for your building, we at Scarboro Steel Works can manufacture stylish staircases for you!


Staircases are a highly important part of any building. From being one of the only safe modes of transport between floors during an emergency to acting as a stylish yet sturdy addition to your building, custom steel stairs are undoubtedly vital to any structure.


Quality-made custom steel stairs need a respected steelworks company for its installation. This is why you require the services of a company that specializes in steel works and fabrication if you want the most stylish and durable designs for all of your steel stair needs in Toronto.


Here are some benefits of custom steel stairs:


  • Strength – Custom steel stairs must be strong enough to withstand the combined pressure of everyone using it which should prevent it from collapsing. It should also be able to withstand great pressure and force that should go up to five times stronger than what concrete can hold.
  • Durability – Custom steel stairs should be able to live through natural calamities and should be able to withstand extreme weights. Steel is much more durable than wooden stairs due to the sheer strength that it provides, as well as wood’s lack of resistance to water.
  • Versatility – One of the biggest advantages of structural steel is that it can be formed into various shapes. You fabricate steel into any shape to fit any style you want, which allows for a number of different options for your building regardless of its style.


At Scarboro Steel Works, we work hard to provide you with the best custom steel stairs and steel products for all of your residential, commercial, and industrial needs. If you’re looking for a company with years of experience, trust us since we have just that and a distinguished clientele to prove it. With our impressive portfolio, you can be sure that we can provide the best.