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The Various Types of Steel Stairs

September 19, 2018

For every building, staircases are an integral part to the building’s architecture and design. Whether it be the emergency staircases, or a simple set of steel stairs, these structures are an important part of any building.


From homes and offices to commercial buildings, steel stairs have proven to be an important part of any building which is why a lot of thought goes into its design.


Custom steel stairs can become the most elegant design element in any space. This is no truer in the case of steel stairs that offer the most versatility in terms of architectural design. Apart from the most common straight and landing stair designs, here are some of the more interesting designs possible with a steel staircase:


  • Bifurcated: Steel stairs with this design have a wide start step and then split or separate into two opposite sections with narrower steps at the mid-landing. This is ideal if you need to connect two staircases that converge on a single focal point on the upper floor.
  • Spiral: Spiral steel stairs are curved in nature, but are more useful in tight places. As its name suggests, spiral stairs are typically designed in a circular shape, with the steps spiraling down a central pole. Spiral staircases are ideal for buildings where space might be limited. These stairs often favour steel more than other materials due to steel’s versatility and malleability.
  • Curved: Similar to spiral stairs, curved steel stairs are regarded for their aesthetic appeal. These stairs have no right angles and has to be wedged to give way for the curve. If you’re seeking elegance for your staircase, this design is the best option.
  • Winder: Winder stairs are similar to curved stairs, with the big difference being that these stairs utilize right angles. Winder stairs turn at 90 degrees for a single winder or 180 degrees for double winder without a landing. Much like a spiral staircase, a winder promotes continual flight but is much safer to travel.


Whatever design style is opted, what can really make steel stairs stand out is the amount of detail and care put into them. Regardless of the design details that you want to achieve, Scarboro Steel Works can turn them into reality. As your expert steel fabricator, we will gladly help you make your home or building look beautiful and functional.