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Types of Custom Steel Stairs and Their Advantages

June 23, 2016

Custom steel stairs add a lavish look to any residence, office, or commercial building. They can be fabricated in various styles, to suit any preference. Custom steel stairs and railings enhance beauty and add to property value, as well as provide durable and lasting support to any architectural structure. Steel is a highly coveted building material due to its strength, dependability, and ability to be easily recycled with minimal chemical processing.

Here are five styles of custom steel stairs that are popularly used around the world.

  • Straight. If you want something simple, practical, and easy to install, then a straight stair would be a good choice. It is fitting for people who have children and seniors staying with them. Straight custom steel stairs are designed to make a fast and relaxed descent or ascent. Minimalism is very on trend and creates a modern look in any structure. Custom stairs can be fabricated in a floating style or you can opt to install railings for better support.
  • Curved. Curved stairs always make a good first impression because they are elegant looking. Moreover, curved stairways are versatile. They can fit in with most design aesthetics and their large steps enable people to walk comfortably.
  • Spiral. Suitable for residences with limited space, the classic spiral staircase is stylish and metropolitan. Not only does it save a lot of space, but spiral custom steel stairs leave a memorable impression. Spiral stairs are often referred to as timeless, given their long standing appeal throughout the ages.
  • Half-turn. This unique style of custom steel stairs is also known as U-shaped stairs. Typically, they consist of two straight stairs paralleled by a landing, with a 180 degree turn. Half-turn stairs can be easily fabricated for multiple flights and are commonplace in tall residential and commercial buildings.   
  • Quarter-turn. This L-shaped stair is like a half-turn only instead of twisting 180 degrees, it only takes 90. Quarter-turn custom steel stairs make for a pleasant design, creating a spacious feel in a building.