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Types of Custom Steel Stairs

July 12, 2018

Since 2009, manufacturing activity in Canada has significantly increased in the structural steel industry. The manufacturing of motor vehicles, chemical products, trailers and parts as well as fabricated metals has helped boost the steel manufacturing industry. Structural steel is the primary material used in manufacturing custom steel stairs.


We at Scarboro Steel Works are capable of manufacturing, assembling, and installing, custom steel stairs for your building!


Custom steel stairs has the benefit of adding property value while enhancing the aesthetic aspect of a residential, office or commercial building. Steel is the material of choice for most buildings since it can support almost any architectural structure. It can also be recycled easily with little need for chemical processing.


Here is a list of the most popular types of custom steel stairs:

  • Straight – One of the simplest and most practical custom steel stairs is the straight stairway. It is easy to install and can make going up and down a fast and relaxing experience. It can even be fabricated into a floating type!
  • Curved – This type of stairway is impressive because of its elegance. There are versatile curved stairways. This type of custom steel stairs can fit in with almost all types of design aesthetics. Furthermore, its large steps allow people to walk comfortably on it.
  • Spiral – Not only does a spiral staircase save ample space. It also leaves a long-lasting good impression on people. Spiral staircases are timeless custom steel stairs. They have been considered appealing for generations.
  • Half-Turn – These special custom steel stairs are also known as U-shaped stairs. They consist of two straight stairs that are paralleled with a landing and finishes with a 180-degree twist. These are easily fabricated and are a usual sight in commercial or residential high-rise buildings.

Since 1950, we at Scarboro Steel Works have been committed to giving you the best and top quality structural steel products. From structural steel fabrication to custom steel stairs, we’ve also been providing welding and installation services to a diverse clientele throughout the years. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction through our structural steel fabrication services, so contact us today!