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What are the Features of Structural Steel Beams?

April 30, 2021

Structural steel lends to the creation of construction materials, and various shapes can be made. These shapes, along with the size, chemical composition, and mechanical properties of structural steel, are regulated by standards in numerous countries. Most forms of this material are highly stiff in terms of their cross-sectional area, which assists when high loads are being supported. An important component of this discussion is structural steel beams, and due to their array of features, they make a valuable product for the project at hand.

At Scarboro Steel Works Inc., we offer a vast range of structural steel beams to help you meet your construction goals.


Differing from concrete, this type of steel exhibits both compressive and tensile strength. It also possesses a high level of stiffness, toughness, and ductile aspects. As a result, structural steel is one example of a frequently used material in the building of commercial and industrial structures.


A number of shapes can be attained out of structural steel, which is either bolted or welded to separate pieces depending on the plan’s requirements. Additionally, it is available to use once the material has been delivered to the site of the project. In the case of concrete, it must remain settled for a minimum of one to two weeks after the pouring takes place in order for the work to continue, labeling steel as a schedule-friendly construction product.

Fire Resistance

While structural steel has non-combustible properties, the International Building Code enforces it to be covered by sufficient fire-resistant protection, ensuring that buildings with a steel structure meet these criteria.

Scarboro Steel Works Inc. can supply your business with high-quality structural steel beams, and a long list of options is available. Browse our website and contact us today for more information about the services we are ready to provide you with.