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What do we do as structural steel fabricators in Toronto?

February 29, 2016

Structural steel is a construction material that is made through the process of bending, cutting and assembling to make a complete frame. Structural steel fabrication can be done both at the construction site or at a fabricating plant. To ensure optimum quality output, structural steel fabricators in Toronto prefer to do most processes in a secure plant.

The vast majority of people in construction today prefer structural steel for a number of reasons. One, the material is flexible while designing; both the architect and the structural engineer can accomplish a design with ease.  Structural steel still remains one of the most sturdy and durable building and construction materials today. It speeds up construction processes with the help of technology like 3-D modelling which enhance efficiency.

There are a number of processes used by structural steel fabricators from Toronto; Cutting and drilling usually come first. The steel is simply cut into desired shapes and sizes. There are several ways of cutting steel. Flame or gas cutting for example is where the use of oxygen and fuel gas (usually propane) is used to heat the metal. Saws are machines that are used for cutting steel and other metals. When plasma cutting for instance, high temperatures usually about 20,000 degrees are used.

Structural steel fabricators in Toronto bend materials by the use of press break equipments to curve steel into the desired frame.  There are four mechanisms used in structural steel bending. One is the plate bending where steel is passed through bending rolls continuously until the desired shape is achieved. Section bending is where a section of the steel is passed through bending rolls to get the desired shapes. In Tube Bending, the steel is passed through a tube adjusted to a particular shape and size with the aid of bending rolls to acquire the desired shapes.

Welding involves fitting and assembling parts of steel together. In manual arc welding, steel is heated and the molten parts are used to attach the steel parts. Submerged arc welding and metal gas welding are other mechanisms used on welding processes.  Submerged welding involves welding large pieces using electrical current where in contrast gas arc welding involves continuous heating using a flame in a controlled environment (to prevent oxidation).

Scarboro Steel Works Inc. is an accredited steel fabricator that understands all of the above processes and more.  Driven by a desire to provide quality structural steel for your construction and building requirements, we have an experienced team who is ready to provide your project with world class structural steel knowledge and resources.