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What does structural steel fabrication involve?

March 03, 2016

From skyscrapers and grand bridges to attractive contemporary houses, steel has been used in almost any structural steel fabrication project. The material plays a critical role in providing designers with the freedom to develop structural solutions at a pre-specified level of strength. Steel fabrication provides the ability to handle material lengths of above 100 feet and that possess a lifting capacity of more than 100 tons.

In the manufacturing of most steel fabricated products such as clean air equipment and power plants, high performance paints are used to protect structural steel against environmental hazards such as wind, rain, dust and other abrasions. This is because the most common weaknesses of the material are induced by unfavourable environmental conditions. The commonly used high performance paints used include primer, epoxy, and urethane which are all used to meet various application needs.

Structural steel fabrication is all about crafting products from scratch to completion. At Scarboro Steel, some of the commonly used equipment in fabrication processes include MIG and TIG welders, inner and outer shields or submerged arc welding manipulators. Our craftsmen can roll a beam up to 50 inches and pipe up to 20 inches in diameter in one of the largest machines. Our 30 foot by 50 foot levelling bed is normally installed in your construction floor permanently enabling workers to level to fifteen thousandths of an inch.

With the correct tools, our craftsmen can provide their services to industries and by doing so meet the needs of various businesses. We have a wide variety of experience in the field including those within the power generation industry such as natural gas and coal power plants. Our services are viable for a vast array of industries including healthcare, stadiums/arenas, manufacturing, commercial and pulp/paper.

The structural steel fabrication process is highly quality-controlled and therefore takes out the element of human error. Scarboro Steel also offers convenient on-site delivery because they have a fleet of tractor trailers available to meet their client’s needs.