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What Separates the Good From the Bad When Erecting Structural Steel

January 07, 2020

It’s far from hyperbole to say that structural steel fabrication is contingent on the use of high-quality tools and CNC equipment to cut, grind, weld, or bend structural steel to become trusses, hollow sections plates and angles.


From material selection all the way through to the coating application, fabricators have the know-how to get the job done accurately.


All component parts should be fabricated within the required tolerances and then fitted temporarily with bolt or rivets or slightly welded. Finishes are also applied by sawing or milling. Needless to say, it's crucial to understand the design of the steel structure before assembly commences.


Structural Steel Erection Techniques

The erection of steel structures for buildings first requires a crane capable of lifting the structural steel and positioning it with precision. Next, a mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) is utilized to permit access to the steelwork during the erection, helping join the pieces lifted by the crane.

To minimize the risk of aerial lift work, pre-planning protocols should be conducted to ascertain whether work can be done on the ground level. Should this not be feasible, other issues like ground conditions, work surfaces, or the need to travel in the elevated position are to be considered.


Safe Steel Erection Practices

Safe and successful structural steel erection is the name of the game for fabricators. To ensure this, they are reliant on the following measures being taken into account:


1. Establish a safe foundation so it is suitable and safe to begin the structural steel erection.

2. The use of cranes is necessary to securely lift and place components into position.

3. Make sure the structure is aligned by checking that column bases are lined and leveled and columns are plumb.

4. Complete the process by bolting-up all connections to secure the structural steel.


Erecting structural steel is a concerted effort that is determinant on the expertise behind it. Structural steel fabrication carried out by the right team helps ensure steel erection is done precisely, safely, and punctually.


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