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What Tools and Equipment Are Metalworkers Using to Fabricate Structural Steel?

November 15, 2019

Fabricators know full well that the applications of structural steel in Toronto pit it against notoriously harsh and demanding environments.

In light of this, fabrication shops without the right tools and equipment at their disposal find themselves in an unfavourable position to produce steel that can last.

So what exactly are some of these standout tools and equipment? Well, let’s take a closer look at the ones most facilities find themselves coming back to time and time again for fabricating structural steel in Toronto:



When it comes to structural steel sections that are heavier and thicker than approximately 15mm, a cold saw is often the first port of call.


Cold saws cut through metal by utilizing a circular saw fashioned with metallic serrations. Their titular nature is centred on the lower blade speed they use in order to cut through structural steel, meaning that they cut cooler. This is important as the heat treatment of the structural steel piece is not affected in an adverse way, leading to a cut that is accurate to within 0.005” of the desired sizing.


Oxy-Fuel Torches

As far as thermal cutting processes go, oxy-fuel cutting is one of the more widely adopted methods due to the range of structural steel thicknesses it can cut through (0.5 – 250mm).


By heating the steel to its kindling point (700 - 900°C), a reaction between a mixture of oxygen and fuel gas occurs to create slag. This slag is then blown away by a jet of oxygen, providing the means for the jet to cut through the steel in question. As the slag is composed of iron oxide, this process is particularly suited to ferrous metals, much like structural steel.


Magnetic Drill

This drilling machine uses an electromagnet that can be secured to the structural steel piece. This is permitted by its portable nature and is a major reason why it can be seen in usage across many fabrication shops; downtime and efforts in relocating workpieces to the drilling machine are no longer necessary.


Further benefits are seen by the drilling convenience it provides - the electromagnetic positioning of the drill effectively removes human-error as it is not contingent on the mechanic’s strength or steadiness. Reasons like this allow fabrication shops to produce consistent results in the sizing, location, and direction of drilled holes.


Shot Blaster

The centrifugal forces that are at the heart of this machine make it a go-to for cleaning, strengthening, and/or polishing structural steel in Toronto. It is indispensable for fabricators looking to ensure that the structural steel in question is free from defects, a crucial aspect of surface preparation.


As you can see, the machinery and tools used throughout all stages of the fabrication process for structural steel in Toronto play just as crucial a role as their composition during smelting.


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