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What You Get When Opting for Custom Steel Stairs

March 13, 2018

Well-designed and beautifully-built custom steel stairs will provide a touch of elegance to your home or office. There are many types of stairs available to choose from, of course, but finding one to match your décor is important. These include a straight stair, an L-shaped or quarter turn, U-shaped or half turn, winder, spiral and curve.


Each type or shape has its own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing one depends on your preference, purpose and style. Apart from determining the design or type of staircase you need, one of the most important factors to also consider is the material.


With a growing demand for modern, strong and aesthetic staircase design, custom steel stairs make for exceptional residential and commercial buildings. 


One of the most exciting and modern trends in custom steel stairs is the double open-curved staircase with open-riser treads. This design helps keep the stairs from being closed-in, but rather give the impression of a much bigger space. The elegance of the entire staircase is enhanced when paired with a great combination of stainless steel and glass balustrade.


Opting for steel as your custom stair material and design brings a fresh style with sophistication. Custom steel stairs in our shop are made with high-quality steel to be extremely durable and provide sleek, alluring appeal. Steel is also flexible in that it can be customized for any kind of staircase style, allowing for welding work and fabrication.


At Scarboro Steel, we take pride in creating custom work that stands out while meeting every safety and quality standard. We manufacture, assemble and install custom steel stairs and railings ranging from simple to complex designs, from small residential projects to large industrial construction. Our team of expert professionals can help you determine and create the right stair for your building. Call or visit us today to learn more!