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Why Are I-Beams Ideal For Construction Purposes?

September 24, 2021

The I-beam is one of the standard structural steel beams that construction companies use as building backbones. They're a huge investment because they have exceptional strength and load-bearing capabilities. You can learn more about I-beams in this post.

I-Beam: Materials Used

I-beams require the best materials available because they are required to have a long-term lifespan and performance. Thus, structural steel beam fabricators always use the following materials in every construction project.


  • Aluminum: Lightweight and durable I-beams that can bend and deform in the hands of a capable fabricator. Aluminum I-beams see extensive use in aircraft manufacturing.
  • Steel: Steel is a construction staple and a critical part of structural engineering and is used in constructing buildings, frames, or bridges.
  • Carbon: Low metal alloys are a crucial part of construction projects. These are much more affordable than steel but deliver almost the same level of strength and load-bearing capabilities.

I-Beam: Standard Properties

Fabricators and engineers consider the following properties in sourcing raw materials, designing, and implementing I-beams:


  • Deflection: Refers to the beam's deformation when handling load-bearing stress.
  • Vibration: Density and stiffness that reduces building vibrations and unwanted noise.
  • Bend: All I-beams must maintain their properties with minimal bending in managing yield stress.
  • Buckling: I-beams have flanges that prevent buckling sideways. 
  • Tension: An I-beam must sustain weight and never buckle, ripple, or fail under any tension.

I-Beam Usage

I-beams are a coveted resource to every builder. Here are the typical applications of a high-quality I-beam used by structural steel beams fabricators:


  • Construction: Buildings always need I-beams that will never fail. Thus, construction companies will tend to buy I-beams in bulk as they are often used as critical support trusses.
  • Ship-Making: Ships use high-quality aluminum I-beams that can bend but stay afloat and buoyant. 
  • Public Structures: Bridges, lamp posts, lawn furniture, and other public structures use I-beams extensively.

Use Only The Best Fabricators For The Job

If you need I-beams for any construction or building purposes, you can always count on us at Scarboro Steel Works for all your steel fabrication needs. With our years of knowledge and a team of experienced structural steel fabricators, we guarantee that you'll always get the best results for your projects. Contact us today for metal fabrication or customized welding for different types of construction needs!