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Why Are I-Beams Used in Structural Steel Construction?

July 14, 2022

I-beams are some of the most widely used structural steel beams in construction. They get their name from their distinctive shape, which is that of a capital "I". The I-beam has a wide central web with tapered flanges on either side. This shape makes them ideal for multiple uses in structural steel construction. In this blog, let's learn more about I-beams and their popularity in structural steel construction.

Why Are I-Beams Used in Structural Steel Construction?

I-beams are one of the most popular types of structural steel beams. They are usually used as critical support trusses in structural steel construction. This type of beam is used across various large construction projects like warehouses, huge buildings, and bridges. I-beams generally eliminate the need for any other structural support elements. 

I-beams are usually made of high-quality structural steel that can withstand heavy loads. This type of structural steel beam is especially used during the construction of big buildings and heavy bridges. Engineers and contractors often pick I-beams over concrete beams due to their strength and load-bearing capacity. I-beams owe their strength to the way they are forged. Two long planes called the "flange", form a middle section that holds the two together, called the "web". Thus, the secret of an I-beam's strength lies in its shape.

I-beams are lightweight compared to other types of structural steel beams, but also possess immense tensile strength. Unlike H-beams and concrete beams, you won't always need a heavy-duty crane to lift and place an I-beam in position. The lightweight feature helps in easy and faster assembling during construction steel projects. 

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