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Why Steel Stairs Are So Popular

July 16, 2021

Staircases have to deal with both heavy loads and a lot of foot traffic. With this in mind, steel stairs are considered the top choice for most buildings because of their ability to accommodate these two major needs. Steel staircases are popularly known to be better at bearing heavy weights compared to other materials like timber. Plus, they are also very resistant to wear and tear, warps, and rotting pest attacks, giving you a stairway that is made to last for many years.


Apart from these natural properties of steel, there are many other benefits that it brings. For this reason, steel stairs continue to be immensely popular.


Firstly, the benefits of steel are not only limited to functionality. Because of steel’s aesthetic versatility, it is able to serve different kinds of innovative design approaches. Steel stairs do not have to be huge and grand to be impressive. In fact, both designers and architects alike can turn even a small staircase into something visually appealing and architecturally beautiful.


They can do so because of the high versatility of steel. Steel can be shaped in unique ways, which is not possible with glass or timber. Furthermore, steel can be used to create either an open or closed feel. An open design makes your space very welcoming and it is ideal for areas like living rooms and dining halls. Conversely, closed steel stairs are great for private or concealed areas, which makes them a perfect element of surprise for the space.


There are also other stylish examples of illusions that can be achieved with steel stairs, as in the case of floating stairways. They have spaces in between the steps, creating the illusion of having no support structure, when they are in fact very sturdy. Lights can also be installed under each step, adding to the illusion.


Whatever style or design you want to see for your staircase, we at Scarboro Steel are here to help you. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.