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Why Structural Steel is Irreplaceable

September 09, 2020

Nowadays, structural steel is a mainstay of any construction project. You’d be hard-pressed to find homes or buildings that were made without any steel, and those properties are usually classified as niche homes for vacations or historical appreciation. It is indeed true that in the last century, structural steel has come to dominate construction. Society went from hundreds of years of using wood and stone to exclusively using structural steel to construct that main frames of our buildings. Steel beams can support entire buildings with their dependable strength, efficiency, and dependability.


Here are some of the reasons why steel is the go-to material for construction now:


Strength and Beauty

Many architects favor structural steel's because it grants them more freedom to design. Its precise yet malleable manufacturing process allows architects to explore ideas or adapt their designs for anything. Whether it's to create a vast space or arches, architects can achieve anything with steel.


Efficiency and Dependability

Dependable structural steel erector teams, such as those from Scarboro Steel Works, can assemble their manufactured beams on-site fast and effectively in any season. Galvanized or Galvalume steel does not corrode in the rain or turn brittle in snow. In just days, a professional erector team can assemble the structure's steel skeleton.


Easily Adaptable

When homeowners intend to add more floors or heavy equipment to their upper rooms, steel beams can handle the stress without problems. If the structure needs to handle more weight, then cover plates for beams can improve the tensile strength. With this level of customizability, you can never fail in using and adapting steel for anything. 



Lastly, steel is greatly recyclable. Truthfully, virtually all the steel currently available in the market comes from recycled material. In doing so, it has full-circle recyclability, where it retains its capability in every cycle, making it one of the most environmentally-friendly construction materials in existence.


If you need the best steel or steel structure erectors, you can always depend on Scarboro Steel Works for the best results. Contact us today to learn more about our services and products.