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Why You Should Consider Steel Stairs over Wooden Stairs for Your Home?

April 19, 2021

For years, wooden stairs have been an integral feature of multi-storied traditional homes. However, with the rise in popularity of modern homes, there has been a noticeable shift in preferences with homeowners choosing steel stairs over wooden stairs.

If you are building a new house or remodelling your current house, we tell you why you should consider steel stairs to adorn your home.


Benefits of Steel Stairs over Wooden Stairs


They offer greater strength and stability

Compared to wooden stairs, steel stairs are stronger, durable, and can withstand the entire load of the house. While wooden stairs are sturdy enough to support your weight, they do not offer the structural stability of a steel staircase. A steel stair can withstand calamities like earthquakes and fire while sustaining minimal damages. With a steel staircase, you do not have to worry about termite infestations that destroy the sturdiness of wooden stairs.   

They are less noisy

If you live in a dry climate where there are extreme summers and harsh winters, your wooden stairs are subjected to expansion and contraction respectively. Thus, they create a lot of noise when you walk on them. Steel stairs are not impacted by weather conditions and are comparatively less noisy.   

Choose from a plethora of great designs

When you choose wooden stairs, the selection of designs and aesthetic features is limited as you don’t want the design to compromise the strength and stability of the staircase. With steel stairs, you can explore many design options such as spiral staircase, perforated stairs, etc. without worrying about its safety and sturdiness.

Want to explore steel stair options for your home? Scarboro Steel Works Limited has years of experience in fabricating steel stairs for industrial and residential clients. Contact us to know what we can offer for your home or business.